Haji Jabir

Black Foam


Dawoud is on the run from his murky past, aiming to discover where her belongs. He tries to assimilate into different groups along his journey through North Africa and Israel, changing his clothes, his religious affiliations, and even his name to fit in, but the safety and peace he seeks remain elusive. It seems prejudice is everywhere, holding him back, when all he really wants is to create a simple life he can call his own. A chameleon, Dawoud – or David, Adal, or Dawit, depending on where and when you meet him – is not lost in this whirl of identities. In fact, he is defined byt it.

Dawoud's journey is circuitous and specific, but the desire to belong is universal. Spellbinding to the final page, Black Foam is both intimate and grand in scale, much like the experiences of the millions of people migrating to find peace and safety in the twenty-first century.

Über die Autorin / über den Autor:

Haji Jabir is an Eritrean novelist who was born in the city of Massawa on the Red Sea coast in 1976. He currently lives in Doha, Qatar, where he works as an Al Jazeera journalist. Jabir's creative aim is to shed light on Eritrea's past and present and to extricate his homeland from its cultural isolation. He is one of the most important Arabic-language authors of his time.

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