Harry Gugger, Sarah Bart, Augustin Clément, Alexandros Fotakis, Tiago Trigo (Hrsg.)

Fez Lessons

Industrious Habitat. Teaching and Research in Architecture


The infamous Scramble for Africa at the turn of the twentieth century disrupted the entire African continent with enduring repercussions. Morocco – standing at a geographical crossroads between Sub-Saharan Africa, the Maghrebi Arab-Muslim world, and Mediterranean Europe – has ever since struggled to withstand the resulting culturals and sociopolitical clashes.

Fez Lessons: Industrious Habitat investigates how these clashes have marked the socioeconomic structure and the urban fabric of Fez, and whether or not the resulting morphology offers alternative and relevant means of human association and community. Alongside a growing stream of large-scale international investment, the constant enticement of tourism, and a worldwide revival of nationalism, we are looking for tiny cues, nagging doubts, and signs of the fusion between form and life, raising questions about identity, authenticity, tradition, the globalization of culture, and the use of local resources.

Über die Autorin / über den Autor:

laba has been operating in Basel since September 2011 and is directed by Professor Harry Gugger. Fez Lessons is the 11th volume in a series entitled [Place] Lessons: Teaching and Research in Architecture taht documents laba's academic work.

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