John Julius Norwich

The Middle Sea

A magnificent undertaking: a one-volume narrative history of the Mediterranean Sea from Ancient Egypt to 1919, written in the racy readable prose for which John Julius Norwich is famous


The Mediterranean has nurtured three of the most dazzling civilisations of antiquity, witnessed the growth of three of our greatest religions and links three of the world's six continents. John Julius Norwich has visited every country around its shores; now he tells the story of the Middle Sea – a tale that begins with the Pharaohs and ends with the Treaty of Versailles – in a dramatic account of the remarkable civilisations that rose and fell on the lands of the Mediterranean.

Expertly researched and ingeniously executed, Norwich takes us through the Arab conquests of Syria and North Africa; the Holy Roman Empire and the Crusades; Ferdinand and Isabella and the Spanish Inquisition; the great sieges of Rhodes and Malta by the Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent; the pirates of the Barbary Coast and the Battle of Lepanto; Nelson and Napoleon; the Greek War of Independence and the Italian Risorgimento.

The Middle Sea is colourful, character-driven history at its most enjoyable and is the culmination of John Julius Norwich's distinguished career as one of the greatest enthusiasts for anecdotal history.

Über die Autorin / über den Autor:

John Julius Norwich is the author of histories of Norman Sicily, the Republic of Venice, the Byzantine Empire and, most recently, The Popes: A History. He has also written on architecture, music and the history plays of Shakespeare, and has presented some thirty historical documentaries on BBC Television

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