Rashid Al-Daif

This Side of Innocence


This Side of Innocence tells the story of one man's run-in with the secret police of his unnamed, war-torn country. the novel's real story, however, is about the deeply obscure events of a personal encounter with tyranny – the tyranny of the instability and chaos of a country at war with itself and consequently preyed upon by internal and external forces. In the end, we are left with the story of how one man (or country) can, innocently, invent his own executioner.

Über die Autorin / über den Autor:

Rashid al-Daif is the celebrated author of eleven works of fiction and poetry. He is best known internationally for his novel Dear Mr. Kawabata (1999), which has been translated into eight European languages. Al-Daif was born in 1945 in Northern Lebanon into a Maronite family. He lives in Beirut and teaches Arabic language and literature at the Lebanese University.

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Sprache: Englisch (aus dem Arabischen von Paula Haydar)
Art: Broschiertes Buch
Erschienen: 2001 (1997)
Verlag: Interlink Books
ISBN: 978-1-56656-383-3
Reihe: Emerging Voices
Masse: 152 S.