Faruk Šehić

Under Pressure


Under Pressure is a novel in fragments – brutal and heart-wrenching stories from the frontline by Bosnian writer Faruk Šehić. This book secured his reputation as one of the greatest writers to emerge from the region  in the post-war period. A war veteran and a poet, Šehić combines beauty and horror to seduce and surprise the reader. 

This collection of short stories Under Pressure (Pod pritiskom, 2004) was awarded the Zora Verlag Prize.

Über die Autorin / über den Autor:

Faruk Šehić lives in Sarajevo and works as a columnist and journalist. His debut novel Quiet Flows the Una (Knjiga o Uni, 2011) received the Meša Selimović prize for the best novel published in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Croatia in 2011; and the EU Prize for Literature in 2013. His most recent book is a collection of poetry entitled My Rivers (Moje rijeke, Buybook, 2014)

Preis: CHF 21.90
Sprache: Englisch (aus dem Bosnischen von Mirza Purić)
Art: Taschenbuch
Erschienen: 2019 (2004)
Verlag: Istros books
ISBN: 978-1-912545-02-5
Masse: 176 S.