Buket Uzuner

Istanbul Blues

In diesem kleinen schön gemachten Buch sind Erzählungen versammelt, die das Gefühl, im Exil, fern von der Heimat zu leben, zum Thema haben. Gleichzeitig ist diese Heimat aber auch ein Ort, den die Erzählerin nicht wirklich erträgt. Geschichten über das Hier- und Dortsein. cn


Set in Istanbul and beyond, the stories in Istanbul Blues are filled with remarkable sensitivity and psychological insight, taking us into the memories of adults and the imaginations of children, and exploring shared history, love and attachment – to family, friends, lovers and places. By a writer who is a keen listener as much as a skilled teller, these stories remind us of the joys and fears of journeys, the intriguing connections we make on the road, and the deepest connections that tie us to home. Witty, warm and wise, this is an inviting and invigorating collection of short stories by one of Turkey's bestselling authors.

Über die Autorin / über den Autor:

Buket Uzuner was born in Ankara, Turkey in 1955. She trained as a biologist and environmental scientist, studying and working at universities in Turkey, Norway, Finland and the United States. She is a prolific and award-winning writer of short stories, travelogues and novels. Her books have been on Turkey's national bestseller lists since 1992. Her novel The Sound of Fishsteps won the prestigious Yunus Nadi Prize in 1993, and her novel Mediterranean Waltz was named the Best Novel of 1998 by the University of Istanbul. Uzuners's books have been translated into eleven languages. A collection of her short stories, A Cup of Turkish Coffee (2001), was published in dual language Turkish-English by Milet, and her story "Frau Adler and the Berlin Train" was published in English translation in Europe in Women's Short Stories from Turkey (2012) also by Milet. An honorary member of the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa, Uzuner is a featured author at literary festivals around the world. She was selected as one of the 75 Most Influential Women of the Republic of turkey as part of the country's 75th anniversary celebration.

Preis: CHF 21.40
Sprache: Englisch (aus dem Türkischen von Pelin Ariner und Bahar Yildirim Çotur)
Art: Gebundenes Buch
Erschienen: 2013
Verlag: Milet
ISBN: 978-1-84059-852-0
Masse: 93 S.