Françoise Caraco

Hidden Istanbul

Ein wunderschönes Buch! Texte und Fotografien verweben sich zu einem sehr reichen künstlerischen Essay und lassen uns Lesende und Schauende eintauchen in das jüdische Istanbul von heute wie auch von damals, als die aus Spanien vertriebenen Sepharden in Istanbul sesshaft geworden sind.

Auf der Suche nach den Spuren ihrer Familie interviewt Françoise Caraco verschiedene Einwohner:innen, denen sie die jeweils gleichen Fragen stellte. Die Textfragmente hat sie dann in Kapiteln geordnet und mit Postkarten, alten und neuen Fotografien und Schriftdokumenten ergänzt. ap


The core of Hidden Istanbul is built by the imagery of Françoise Caraco. It consists of archive material she has found in the estate of her great-grandfather, a Sephardic Jew emigrated from what was then called Constantinople. It comprises varied material such as family photographs, postcards and personal notes. Another type of information is given by today's Jewish inhabitants of Istanbul, whom Caraco interviewed about their way of living in this city. The archive material and statements are accompanied by pictures which Caraco took herself. She made them during a long research of several journeys in Istanbul in order to capture its spirit. Texts and images echo each other. Caraco manages to build a coherent and polyphonic entity around a community and city that remains unknown for most people.

Each book comes with a two-sided poster.

Über die Autorin / über den Autor:

Françoise Caraco, born in 1972, is a visual artist, living in Zurich, Switzerland. The basis of her artistic works are researches into family history, historical events and places steeped in history. The voices of contemporary witnesses, as well as excerpts from compiled documentary material have formed her artistic work for several years now. Her interest lies in the construction of memory in its reverberations between individual experiences and the collective past.

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