André Aciman (Hrsg.)

Letters of Transit - Reflections on Exile, Identity, Language, and Loss

Fünf Autoren und Autorinnen schreiben über ihre eigenen Erfahrungen, wie sie das Ankommen in einer neuen Umgebung durchlebt und angegangen sind. Sie beschreiben ihre Auseinandersetzung mit der neuen Sprache und den Problemen, die mit dem Verlust der eigenen einhergehen. Es ist gerade dieser persönliche Zugang, kombiniert mit konzeptueller Schärfe, der aus diesem Bändchen einen sehr wertvollen Beitrag zur Auseinandersetzung mit den Themen Identität, Sprache und Verlust macht. So vielfältig die Herkunft der Schreibenden, so unterschiedlich die Gedankengänge. Ein intellektueller Genuss! ap


This collection of works by award-winning writers sharing their meditations on exile, home, and memory is a momentous contribution to the legacy of the writer-in-exile.

André Aciman, tracing his migration from his birthplace in Egypt to subsequent homes in Italy and the United States, compares his own transience with the fate of many moderns who share the experience of living not in places, but in their descriptions. Eva Hoffman examines the crucial role of language in "possessing a place" and what happens when your first is lost. Bharati Mukherjee explores her own struggle with assimilation, distinguishing between the narrative strains of expatriation, exile, immigration, and repatriation. Returning to the political themes of his earlier work, Edward Said negotiates his conflicting political and cultural allegiances. Finally, Charles Simic remembers the comedy of  bureaucracy he experienced as a sixteen-year-old "displaced person" in Paris after the war, and his thwarted attempts at "fitting in" in America.

Über die Autorin / über den Autor:

André Aciman war born in Alexandria and raised in Egypt, Italy and France. He is Professor of Comparative Literature at The CUNY Graduate Center in New York City and is the author of the essay collection, False Papers, and most recently of the novel, Call me By Your Name, as well as the editor and contributor to The Proust Project and Letters of Transit.

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