Anouar Brahem Trio

Le Voyage de Sahar

Le Voyage de Sahar offenbart nun einen weiteren Meilenstein der zeitgenössischen arabischen Musik, in die Brahem seine langjährigen Erfahrungen einfließen lässt. Im Trio mit François Couturier und Jean-Louis Matinier entsteht eine entzückend einfache, aber intensive Karambolage mit französischer und spanischer Musik. Hier vertreibt die Emotionalität den Nationalismus und führt am Ende doch beide Strömungen zusammen.
Klaus Hübner, Neue Zeitschrift für Musik


Anouar Brahem : oud
François Couturier : piano
Jean Louis Matinier : accordion

Über die Autorin / über den Autor:

Anouar Brahem, born in Halfaouine, Tunisia in 1957, is regarded as his country’s most innovative oud player. As a former pupil of master oudist Ali Sriti, he is thoroughly steeped in the secrets and subtleties of Arab classical music. He has absorbed this information and gone out to meet the world, a sophisticated modern musician with profound historical knowledge.

During his years in Paris in the early 1980s, jazz claimed Brahem’s attention and his fascination for music on ECM led him to contact producer Manfred Eicher. Since 1990 their creative relationship has resulted in the albums “Barzakh”, “Conte de l’Incroyable Amour”, “Madar” (with Jan Garbarek), “Khomsa”, “Thimar” (with John Surman and Dave Holland), “Astrakan café”, and “Le pas du chat noir”, as well as the anthology “Vague” (released in France only). All of these discs have received a great deal of critical praise, none more so than “Le pas du chat noir”, recorded 2002, which represented a giant step forward for Brahem as composer as well as player. Admirers of the music offered by Brahem with François Couturier and Jean-Louis Matinier were mesmerised by its gently-swaying insistence and the way Anouar’s pieces, while still rooted in Arab modes, seemed to find points of contact with other forms.

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Art: CD
Erschienen: 2005
Verlag: ECM